Guobao Zhao joined Delian Capital in 2015 as Venture Partner. He is also Senior Vice President of Chance Pharmaceuticals, a Delian portfolio company focused on the development of novel inhaled treatments of pulmonary diseases. Before joining Delian Capital, Mr. Zhao served as R&D Manager at CASI Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: CASI). Prior to CASI Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Zhao served as a Research Scientist at PPD. Mr. Zhao has led Delian’s investments in Amunix, Apexigen and MicuRx. In addition, Mr. Zhao also represents Delian as a Board member or observer for Hummingbird Bioscience and Chance Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Zhao received a B.S. in Pharmacy from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry from AMMI and an M.B.A. from China Agricultural University.