Senior Vice President
of Computational Drug

James Blake is the Senior Vice President of Computational Drug Discovery at OnKure, Inc. Over his thirty-year career, Dr. Blake has been a key member of numerous drug discovery efforts, bringing expertise in structure- and ligand- based design, physical property optimization, virtual screening, and library design, with particular emphasis on oncology targets.  Prior to joining OnKure, Dr. Blake was a Senior Research Fellow at Pfizer Boulder Research & Development, and was a key team member with Array BioPharma, where he contributed to the design of 13 clinical candidates, including 4 marketed drugs to date. Dr. Blake began his career at Pfizer Central Research, where he focused on neuroscience targets.  He is a co-inventor on over 60 patents and is a co-author on 67 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Dr. Blake did his postdoctoral research at Yale University and received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Purdue University.