Vice President of Discovery Chemistry

Mark Boys is the Vice President of Discovery Chemistry at OnKure, Inc. Dr. Boys is a seasoned pharmaceutical professional with more than 25 years of research and managerial expertise within large and small life science companies and experience in both medicinal and process chemistry. In his most recent position prior to joining OnKure, Dr. Boys worked at Pfizer Inc. as a Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry and was responsible for more than 75 (internal and CRO) medicinal, synthetic and development chemists.

While at Pfizer, Dr. Boys’ teams successfully delivered preclinical and clinical candidates including an ALK5 inhibitor for treatment of dermal scarring and he successfully initiated and formed a Synthesis Development Group to facilitate the smooth transition of projects and compounds from research into process development. Prior to Pfizer, Dr. Boys worked at Array BioPharma, Inc. and lead a team that discovered a CSF1R inhibitor (ARRY-382) as part of a collaboration with Celgene Corporation, and which has been undergoing clinical trials in an oncology setting. While at G.D. Searle, LLC, Dr. Boys successfully delivered chemical processes to the pilot plant for multi-Kg production. Dr. Boys has also worked at Glaxo plc and Pharmacia Corporation and has been involved with numerous other programs that have delivered preclinical and clinical candidates.

Dr. Boys received his BSc from University of York (UK) and his Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Colorado State University.